Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference time!

Well we started the week off with a District meeting in Bellville on monday followed by a game of ultimate, and Sister Brandley showed no mercy, she is really good! Then we all split to prepare for our week and Elder McDonald and I hit up some farms to do our grocery shopping! Got some really good veggies, 10lbs of apples for only $8 too! then we also got some fresh beef roast that we took home and cut into steaks! Only the best hormone free beef! WE had a great family home evening that night at the Vieau's house too! There with Brenda and Eric and the whole group. We taught a lesson on the atonement! I had to do thirteen pushups for a person to get a s'more for the bonfire we had! Then people started to say no and i still had to do the push ups, It hurt to see people say no! I am not sure what the other people learned but as I did the push ups for the 11 people i learned a little bit more about how Christ felt! I mean I am not a person with upper body strength! And as I pushed to make it possible for these people to get one I felt hurt as these people said no. Just as the Saviour feels as we say no and continue in the way of sin! We also made some home made pass along cards for general conference! and that was the whole focus of the week was to get people to come and listen to the prophets voice! The district got 432 invites out in total! But yeah we have been fighting through colds as the cold weather has started to set in! But we are doing good as we press forward and yeah we are doing great! This week we are going to try our best to get more people in our teaching pool and cant wait to report next week the miracles that will happen. And tell then may God bless you! And hope y'all enjoyed conference this weekend! I know the three questions I prepared for conference were answered.
Elder Allen

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Dont stop keep going"

Well this week was super busy on Tuesday we went to Kingston to make Zone shirts! Then after we went on exchanges with Nappanee! It was a back to back exchange, which was pretty fun. Elder Richards and I worked here on Wednesday, and we were able to do some country style missionary work, doing service on the farm. He is dead scared of horses, which was funny, because we were pouring concrete in the barn yard where the horses are, yet they didn't stay around too long. So we poured the concrete for the horses to walk on instead of their waste. Then we ran out of concrete so we had a chance to talk to his brother who isn't a member and also feed some horses, which was fun to watch Elder Richards feed apples to! But anyways by the end of the service he was out in a horse pen, playing with the colt and laughing so hard. It was good to see him lighten up and smile, He is making himself struggle poor guy! But then we were able to teach some good lessons and I also got to really understand him better! Then the next day was District meeting, which was way fun. We did a real play of teaching people with the Book of Mormon. Half of us were given a note card with a person on it and their life story and what they needed to hear from the Book of Mormon! So as the missionary we had to ask inspired questions to find out a little about them and then had to apply the Book of Mormon to them! It was hard, but fun! Then after evaluation we put it into practice and went into the field for 45 min contacting with a Book of Mormon in hand! I believe there were 3 copies given out during this period. then after the District meeting I had a chance to go to napannee and serve with Elder Cameron! Elder Cameron is a "consecrated missionary" but still has some struggles as everyone of us do tell the day we go home then we have a whole new can of struggles. We had a chance to walk the streets of Avril Lavigne , contacting downtown led us to meet some pretty strange people but Elder Cameron made it fun! The we met with their baptisimal date Rudi who was so fun! He is an older guy who is just getting his life in order and searching for answers in is extra large print Book of Mormon! Then we met with a struggling recent convert who was funny as can be! If only the mosquitoes were not present for our lesson! She is struggling with her husband who doesn't seem to support her too much for joining the church! Then on Friday I was back in my area where we had a great weekly planning and then off again to appointments and service! Then came Sunday, we had Brenda come for her second week in a row and she is getting really excited for her baptism this weekend! Her interview is going to be on Wednesday night! But yeah so it was a crazy busy week with a wonderful finish its so great to see people excited to be baptized and progressing so well to it, also the branch getting excited for one as well! But yeah that is my week in a nut shell! Life is going great I am hoping to finish off out here, I love being out of the city! Less souls I am in charge of the less stressful it is! Haha! Well i love y'all so much and make it a great week!
Elder Derek Allen

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am a Child of God

So this weekend was fast and testimony meeting and well there was a Sister and her husband visiting this weekend and well I wanted to share something she share in her testimony. She told a story of her son and how he was a wonderful father already teaching his children who are not even eight about gospel subject. So the story went like this. This young tall father just finished buckling in his young son, in his car seat, shut the door and went around to the driver seat.
After he buckled his seatbelt, he turned around to his smiley little boy and asked, "why sir where to?" The young little boy in his white shirt and tie replies "to church" his father/ the "chauffeur" then asked which one and the boy says in a proud voice, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of course." the smiling father replies"and why that church my boy." The boy replies, "It teaches me how to pray!" The teaching cap comes on to the father and he asks, "Are your prayers answered?" the little boy pauses and thinks, and replies sadly "no." The father then asked the boy, "And what is it you are praying for?" The little boy looks his daddy in the eye and says, "A baby sister, with me and you its hard on mommy and she needs a baby girl to help her." Needless to say that family just recently adopted a little girl into the family!
As I sat there thinking about his story I started to think of my wonderful older brothers and their new families and then I started to think of myself and how in 5 years I could have a family too. How important it is to teach our children about not just things they experience but also the gospel. the words of the family proclamation to the world come to mind in which it talks about who we are as children of God and the role we have as parents to raise God's children. This led me to my example of my parents. I was privileged to be born to the best parents in the world who have been there for me even in my bratty teenage years. Who I have seen cry over their children's mistakes and hardships. I have also seen tears in my parents eyes as they welcome sons home from being away for 2 years. Then I see the happiness my parents have as the family has grown with wonderful additions hand picked by their boys, and then giddy parents as they become wonderful grandparents! As I think of these I think of a Father in Heaven, who sees even the things others people do, who feels our suffering pains. because of the love my parents had for us, I can see my Father in Heavens love for us. I can picture him crying as he sees us slipping and trying to help us, even though we don't want to listen. Because of my parents love and example of parental love, I know that when my time comes I will have a Father in Heaven who will be there waiting at the end to hug me and welcome me home, probably wanting to spoil the day lights out of me just as I have seen my parents do to my siblings as they come home from being a away for a long time. How great a blessing it is to have such wonderful parents, not just here on Earth but also in heaven. Who are trying to teach us and guide us to true and eternal happiness, not the temporal happiness Satan tries to give us that leads to guilt and shame and even more sins. I am glad for my parents and their love and teachings and hope someday I can be a great example to my kids as they were to me. I know that I am a child of God, and as such I have a Father in Heaven who loves me so dearly. I know that his son, my brother and Savior Jesus Christ came and Died for me on the cross, so I can return to live with my Father again, I know that Our Father in heaven has restored the Church of Jesus Christ in these Latter Days for us, so we can learn of truth and to help lead us back to our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ and his ordinances. I know that the church was restored through is prophet Joseph Smith, and I know that because I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that anyone can know this is true through prayer, that it is essential to prayer to come closer to our Father in Heaven. So if you are reading this and have a desire to improve you life and increase your relationship with our Father in Heaven, then please don't wait, start now. Pray, read his scriptures, he will answer you. He is there and He does love you!

Elder Allen

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Surprise! A change of plans!

Well the week was a little bit of a surprise! So Elder kwok and I were off to work after doing a great companionship inventory setting goals together when we get a call from Elder Garcia, with transfers!!! So its after I emailed home to say I was staying and got my groceries all bought for the week. I have to admit I was a little mad, but then I just didn't care! So Elder Kwok and I both left La Salle, Elder Kwok went to Lindsay and I am now in Trent Hills, which is like a random place in the middle of nowhere, just full (to an extent) of kind hearted people! I love the little towns! Then the next day as I was packing comes the extra surprise of I was leaving in a few hours! I had to be in Brampton that night! A rush to get the area book updated (note to self get better at keeping records), pack my stuff, and help Elder Kwok get his stuff packed up! Poor Elder Kwok I just threw his stuff in the suitcase, I hope he was able to find it all. Then off to Brampton then off to the unseen of the new part of my mission Zones 7-11! drove pass Toronto to a town called Oshawa! There we piled out of the truck and loaded other peoples stuff on. Then after all left I was told I had a few more hours to wait, so I went with the Elders there to an appointment! The lesson was horrible, not going to lie, we were helping this recent convert prep for a wedding she is going to, and well she is scared she is going to slip and drink there with her family, who are not members. So that was the object which I didn't know but found out as questions came. Then after the appointment I went back to Toronto to drop off one of the Elders! The Toronto Stake Center is huge, it has 3 floors and a parking garage in the basement! then went from there back to Oshawa where I met up with another missionary and drove us to a little town called Trinton to meet our new companions. There I met Elder McDonald for the first time! and well we had a 40 min car ride North to get to know each other! he is from Idaho Falls, and comes from a normal size family and loves potatoes! Haha, but he really does! He is also doing an amazing job at loosing weight! He has lost the same amount i have gain on my mission (30lbs), we just make a great team! ;) there was work to be done in the Field and in the apartment, so we talked and got on the same page and then off to branch council. then we got home and after planning we did some cleaning, It broke my heart to see a brand new Malibu with trash everywhere and dirt caked on it! (needless to say a 2011 Malibu should not be in the middle of nowhere, so we are trading it in for a Vibe on Friday, I got connections in the office. Surprise, surprise) And we had the worst bathroom and apartment everywhere. Garbage cost money to dispose of, so it looks like the former missionaries liked to just pile it on, and poor Elder McDonald has been trying to get rid of it. Plus the bathroom had gunk all in it and it was clogged so our water took all day to drain! However it now looks brand new and thanks to draino it drains!!!! :) So we have a clean apartment now! Anyways, back to the important stuff. Thursday we had a wonderful District Meeting, done by Elder Henderson, standing at 5 foot 5 in real life but by his spirit one would have to say he is a giant, plus he is way fun and personable! After that we did some great weekly planning and set some wonderful goals for our area and I hope we can push to get them this week! we have got to minimize our driving time though, its way too easy to waste them in such a large area! Then after dinner we dropped by a recent converts house who was recovering from a surgery, but is now doing great and she had such a strong spirit about her, she is a former Jehovah Witness. Friday we had B-fast with the Holts, the Elders Quorum presidents house. Then we had some good contacting on the streets plus some service for a member, plus a ton of other member appointments. Not wasting time on getting to know them and helping them. I also met another recent convert whom said i was pushy in the way she needed me to be! :( I didn't think I was being pushy! We were trying to see what her concern was in praying! Saturday we tracted a whole lot and found someone who was way fun and was super excited to get a Book of Mormon. She however wanted a few weeks to read, and form questions so she can be prepared to meet with us. Church was great on Sunday, we had about 70 people at church! (but 2 out of 3 were members elsewhere just visiting for a wedding being held there!) Then after church we had some more time to find. It is going pretty good here, I am already feeling my purpose here and I am working on finding people to teach, its amazing! Hope all is well with you I love you and talk to you later,
Elder Allen

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few fun pictures

Step by Step

So this week, was very interesting, mostly it was me evaluating myself and trying really hard to be open with Elder Kwok. And it has been working I have been more open and i think he is trying to be more open with me, as we start this six week transfer I hope that this horrible illness will creep away, this weekend it was pretty rough, but I also think its just scratch trying to get me to give up, and to be honest there were many times i wanted to do just that, but as step by step I was able to get over it. i have spent a lot of time fasting this week trying to get every part of my body set out and knowing where Elder Allen is. Interviews and Instructions from mission leaders helped this week a ton on helping me evaluate my missionary work. I also realized how we need to work on being a unified companionship, sometimes this comes easy but other times not so much! We had great lessons with the karen families, but sadly as Tun Mynts family starts doing so good, some neighbor of theirs calls CAS on them, and well they came in and almost took his kids away, but left it on warning, and if they hear about it again they will, so he has his kids on lock down and well its getting in the way of lessons and coming to church! So that is one reason I fasted this week to know what the Lord wants me to do, and then we met with William this earlier this week and well it did not end well at all, he blew up because he found out we were "Mormons" and he hated Mormons (or so he said) but we were available to set up another appointment to meet with him on Saturday! and well we fasted for him on Saturday to know just how to deal with that, because if anyone knew it was God! And well it was a very powerful lesson, William opened up and we were able to resolve many concerns and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and even to come to church and he is preparing now to be baptized on Aug21! a true miracle, prob one of the biggest miracles on my mission! Now our other investigator Jeff who is doing great he actually help us move a member this week! he was not able to make it to church sadly. As he helped a friend in a major crisis Saturday night and was with him tell 5 am and so he slept pass his alarm the next morning, and he text us saying how bad he felt. he is a way good guy, and the lessons with him are going great and he is fellow shipping already. its going good! sadly because he was unable to come to church we will have to push his date back a week! :( but hopefully he will be OK with that after we break the news to him.Something we have realized this week also is how poor, our relationship with the members is getting as they don't have us over any more because they cant feed us! So we are now thinking of how to better that, because it is so hard to work together when we are heading in the same direction but never crossing paths. But as we take it step by step I know we will accomplish what the Lord has planned for us to do here! I love serving with Elder Kwok, he is a great companion, a complete opposite of what I am, but i think because of that we are growing a whole lot! Well hope you have a great week.
Elder Allen

Monday, July 18, 2011

The miracles following the trials of faith

Ok so this week we only had 10 hours of finding, but in that we have found 3 people who are wonderful. One is a family and we only had a chance to meet with half of them and hope to meet the the whole family this week! The other is a great guy who is a single father. His kids are away for the month, and well as his kids went away to grandma's house for the month, he decided he was going to find a church for his family to go to, and well he said he was doing horrible at doing it, until we talked to him on the street on the way to one of our appointments. So we talked to him for a little bit but commited him to come to church and gave him a restoration pamphlet and got his contact info, then he didn't come to church so we called to see what happened and he said he had an appointment at 11, and he couldn't miss it, so we set an appointment for the afternoon, and we met with him and he said he has searched his whole life since he was brought back to life in the hospital for this church, he said, "I didn't know what I was looking for but every time I went to a church it didnt seem right! But After reading about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon it is coming to me as so powerful! We then addressed it all and bore testimony and then we began teaching the first lesson filling in some gapps he had, then it just flowed into the baptismal invite and he accepted gladdly and is way excited for Aug 7 to be baptized. and well his 11 year old son will prob follow his father a few weeks later, who knows maybe his father will be able to do it for him! :) Now our miracle about church. We had the goal this week to get Tun Mynt's family to church as I felt this is the Karen Family that is going to progress the fastest. So we set our goals on that, and well, as we did, we had 3 commited to come to church once again, and as we prayed Saturday night, we plead for the desire for more to come and well then next morning we went over to make sure all was well for when the ride came, and well all was well and there was more then three kids putting on shoes and the little 5 year old girl was running around all happy, I just stayed quite as I watched them all get ready hoping they were getting ready to come to church! And well when the durango arrived the kids ran in, well ok just 6 of them, and the smile came to my face, not just the 3 kids who we were expecting (which are over the age of 8) but three younger ones as well, the happiness was knowing this was not for numbers but for this family to find true happiness, because sometimes I feel missionaries get lost in numbers. that is why when a less active family or a family with kids under the age of 8 come, I feel the real happiness, because this is something I report to the Lord and not in numbers! Well and as the kids got in the 5 year old girl got in and well, Tun Mynt tried to get her out but she bagan to cry and scream and I tried to tell him it was ok for her to go with us. So Tun Mynt ran inside and got changed really fast and joined his kids to come to church! So behind the seens the 13 year old daughter kamootoo, pumped her brothers and sisters up for coming to church the night before! The Young womens president has been doing great in fellowshipping this young woman. We filled up a whole pew! And the kids are amzing they were all reverent for the most part. even the 5 year old girl. Then came the time for our speakers, we had the chance to hear from the stake president, who talked on the subject of having refugees as investigators and the blessing god is waiting to give them and gave councel on how to help them progress! Amazing talk, but sadly during it, the two older boys ages 8 and 11, had a little argument which sent fist flying, and then Tun mynt be on the opposite side, started to telling them to stop, so to get it stopped fast, and to bring reverence fast I reached over the four people between me and them grabbed one by the arm and pulled him over and sat him in between me and his dad! Tun Mynt laughed and said Dahblue, which means thank you, and then i look over in the front to see the branch pesident laughing at me. Probably not appropriate for a missionary to do, i know, but hey it worked! :/ Then we got everyone to their class, and then during the third hour, in priesthood the Elders and high priest where getting off topic and going way to deep about useless junk so I pull Elder Kwok and Tun Mynt out of class and we go for a walk around the church, first to primary, where we sneaked in the back unnoticed to see his kids actively involved in primary, and having fun, then we go to the Young Women's class and show him his daughter laughing and having a bast in young womens learning about divine nature! Then show him the Young mens room where his older boys would go and then we peaked into the relief society room window to see the moms studding together, telling him this is where his wife would go. then we went back to priesthood and said this is tun mynts class, then he laughingly says tahpootow, which means old man, and I say yupp the old man class! and we both laugh! Then we had our chinese investigator Wang Rui, well actually its Elder Kwok and Elder Omer's investigator, I just did the first hello! haha. Well she was set to come to the branch until saturday then a time issue came up and well she canceled but Elder omer thought fast and invited her to the ward, and so she came to the ward! And she brought her 6 year old girl too, who made it through the first hour of primary but then joined mom in Relief society in the third hour. but yeah so our week brought many miracles! And was such a blast. Elder Kwok we are doing pretty good, something I have learned this week is to be more open with him. With me being sick I like to cover up and act like I am not, but when it comes down to it, I know when its enough and well its surprising to him, because he just doesn't understand how weak I feel! So its really my fault for pretending and hiding how i really feel from him, so he peob is way confused how I am normal at one point and then the next falling asleep at my desk while filling out teaching records! Haha! I have been able to get to my personal study around 8:20 lately depending on when Elder kwok gets out of the shower. so I am getting more of a study in my Book of Mormon! So yeah its been going great I am having the time of my life. Remember to make it a great week, and thank you so much for all your prayers they truely help a ton.
Elder Derek Allen